The Surprises at Thorvaldsen’s Plads

Copenhagen is buzzing with antique and flea markets of wide-ranging quality.  Some presents textiles, others kitchen ware, while the majority offers a blend of both new and older things.
One of the finest antiques is to be found on Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Plads.

A flea market really do surprise when revealing items of great details, rarity and quality.
When every single object found are of extraordinary rarity and significant age, when items of worthlessness are impossible to spot, you know you are standing on Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Plads,  - one of Copenhagen’s best markets!
 High quality has brought about mottled and passionate customers, collectors, specialists, and foreign guests that appreciate a good hunt.

The market was previously situated by Gammel Strand, when the underground stations  turned many of the city’s districts upside down.  Nowadays the shopkeepers gather on Fridays and Saturdays from the 1st weekend of May until the last in October. Usually situated behind the Thorvalsens Museum wall, however, it can also take place by the marble bridge just across the National museum, in the opposite direction of the square. 
Wherever the market is placed, it will always be found in the remarkable surroundings by the canals, and buildings in the middle of Copenhagen’s pulsating yet serene atmosphere.  
Scanned by Rydeng via Antique & Auction Magazine